You can avail the amazing benefits of the Sparkle kit at just ₹1,499 for the first month, followed by a monthly subscription fee of ₹399


Does constant exposure to phone or laptop screens make your eyes burn, feel itchy, watery or red? These could be symptoms of Dry Eye. Now, you can avoid these symptoms from getting in the way of your daily routine with the Sparkle kit.

Designed by Mumbai-based renowned ophthalmologist Dr. Himanshu Mehta, the Sparkle kit is an AI-powered, customised treatment for the ultimate relief from Dry Eye. This kit includes the Sparkle Glow, Shine and Tulip eye tablets which also have added health benefits, as well as Mist Eye Drop, and an eye mask. These natural and plant-based supplements contain essential vitamins that eliminate eye problems and improve your overall health too. Take the tablets once a day after a meal. Put a drop of Mist Eye Drop thrice a day. Microwave the Eye Spa mask for 20-30 seconds, place it on your eyes and gently roll your fingers over the mask to massage. Repeat this process 4 times a day to keep Dry Eye away.